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Facebook Conversions API

Today, approximately 9 in 10 Australians want more choice and control over their information*. Users are more conscious about how brands and marketers capture their personal information and are demanding greater transparency about their data usage. Digital marketing as we know it is shifting.

We’ve been championing the importance of first-party data for years, and a refined first-party data acquisition strategy is now more valuable than ever.

We’ve already seen Apple’s iOS 14 update begin to roll out globally. And the next big hurdle is coming, with Google set to remove support for all third-party cookies in 2023.

Now is the time for action. Those marketers who don’t adapt risk higher acquisition costs, with early studies from Facebook predicting up to a 150% average increase in Cost per Action when moving from Conversion-optimisation to Link-Click optimisation.

So, how can you continue delivering personalised digital experiences to your customers? One tactic is implementing Facebook’s Conversions API (“CAPI”), which puts you back in the driver’s seat within the Facebook ecosystem (rather than relying on third-party data from a browser).

Why future-proof businesses are prioritising CAPI

Instead of leaning on browser pixels exclusively, CAPI allows you to send web events from your server directly to Facebook. With server events, you’re able to measure, report and optimise your campaigns in the same way as browser pixel events,without relyinge on third-party data only.

Not convinced? Here are six reasons why your business will benefit from adding Conversions API to your advertising infrastructure:

  • Goodbye third-party tags: don’t sweat about the cookie-apocalypse and retain a fully functional digital analytics and marketing setup (without being reliant on third-party code from a user’s browser or device).

  • Improved performance: CAPI removes the need for tonnes of code on your site, meaning faster load speeds and better performance for every user.

  • Enhanced security: ditch data leaks for good with visitor data that’s better protected in your owned environment.

  • Increased control: take back the reins of vetting and validating the traffic between network sources and your advertising and analytics endpoints.

  • Reliable data sharing: create a stronger data link with Facebook, plus have full control to de-duplicate events that have been recorded by other methods along the way.

  • Full-funnel visibility: best of all, you’ll score more in-depth insights into the people that matter to your business – Conversions API can feed both website events and deeper funnel offline events (for example, lead or subscription data from your CRM or CDP) back to Facebook

How we can help your business leverage CAPI

We get it: a turnkey conversion solution isn’t going to work for everyone. A stack of our clients have complex digital ecosystems that need bespoke integrations to help them reach and connect with their customers 1:1.

From infrastructure optimisations to technology integration, we help the world’s biggest brands design and implement CAPI to solve even the most complex business problems. Most of our clients come to us with complex digital ecosystems where our depth of tech and strategic expertise can really shine.

There are two ways we help our clients untangle their digital infrastructure and continue deliver personalised solutions at-scale:

  • Leverage our in-house development team: the majority of our clients let our in-house development team do the heavy lifting via access your existing infrastructure, understanding your goals and scoping out a bespoke solution (which we build in-house for your business).

  • Harness our consulting expertise: your in-house development team will come to us with issues or roadblocks they need help troubleshooting. We’ll share our expertise to guide them through the process to get CAPI in place for your business, as well as ensure that your tracking strategy itself is best-practice.

We’re also a Google Premium Partner with specialist ad skills in Search, Display, Video and Shopping. Not only do we have technical expertise in Google Analytics but also are skilled in best practice Google Tag Manager deployment, and can implement a Server-Side for Google Tag Manager (SSGTM) set-up for all of your existing third-party tags within Google Tag Manager, too.

Not to mention we’ve spent years building bespoke integrations with some of the world’s leading MarTech platforms, from Google and Facebook to Salesforces, Adobe, Shopify and beyond.

For marketers that want to continue delivering personalised experiences in a post-cookie world, having leading infrastructure in place is what will safeguard your success. With our tech-led team of marketers, developers and strategists by your side, we can ensure you continue to drive and optimise the conversions that are most important to your business.

Ready to join the ranks of the world’s most progressive marketing teams? Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help your business by implementing Conversions API and Server-Side Google Tag Manager.

*2020 Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey

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