We’re a team of pet loving, latte drinking, meme creating, data mining, creative thinking, digital marketing experts who live and work by our five company values


Collaborate and win as one tribe.


Be brave enough to lead the way.


Do everything with passion and pride.


Work smarter, not harder.


Be fun and friendly, and don’t take yourself too seriously.



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Adam Januszkiewicz

Account Executive

K-Zone runner up champion and digital platforms expert.

Ale Catania

Snr. Shared Service Manager

Closet rockstar and a pro at advertising for the SMB.

Bec Gubbins

Account Manager

Bringer of good vibes and killer copywriter.

David Lee

Account Director

Data miner by day, breakdancer by night.

Dominik Elias

Head of Marketing

Data driven marketer with an obsessive cookbook buying addiction.

Erfan Azyze

Account Executive

Data analysis and emoji creating expert.

Georgia Clarke

Account Executive

Retail advertising expert and crazy animal lady.

Giorgio Liapakis

Account Executive

Proud tennis nerd and stickler for detail.

Grace Lum

Head of People & Culture

Resident Ninja and Recruitment Guru.

Ivan Galic

Senior Digital Designer

Self-confessed gym-junkie and Visual Arts extraordinaire.

Jacqui Diamond

Strategy Director

Known to try everything at least once, our go-to challenger.

Jaime Nosworthy

Chief Client Officer

Strategy Queen hailing from the city known to be 'colder than Mars'!

Jake Dean

Search Manager

Diving into data by day, and a budding street photographer by night.

Jennifer Robertson

Product Manager

Lover of cats, excel and product management. In no particular order.

Jules Brahe (JB)

Business Director

Driving operational efficiency on a daily - while trip planning!

Julia Lake

Strategy Director

Adoptive mother to a dog who only knows Korean and channel integration pro.

Lauren Keane

Head of Operations

The glue that keeps it all together.

Luci Trotter

Shared Services Director

Master of the Facebook tech stack and proficient in Japanese.

Matt Abello

Junior Digital Content Producer

Designer by day, a person that sleeps by night.

Matt Taylor

Shared Services Manager

Beer, BBQ and TP Platform master.

MJ Den Hertog

Account Executive

Mad roller skating and ad scheduling skills.

Monique Sanderson

Account Manager

Master of the pun and creative ideation.

Nick Pearson

Account Executive

Plays golf off a single figure handicap and loves to get up and present.

Rachel Engel

Account Manager

Self-confessed data and reporting nerd. President of the local book club.

Raphael Elisha

Creative Director

Working as a Creative Director until he can make it as a waiter...

Rawanne Auda

Account Director

Expert retail strategist who once had breakfast with Ja Rule.

Ryan Alldis

Senior Account Manager

Our go to when we need upskilling. Ask him about his tattoo.

Sam Lewis-Hornsby

Senior Graphic Designer

Keeper of the snacks, creator of beautiful creative.

Sarafraz Johl

Development Lead

Master developer and weekend badminton champion.

Shana Watson

Art Director

Creative visualist & Pilates enthusiast.

Stella Townsend

Office Dog

Filling us with joy on the daily.

Sush Padhye

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing guru and closet poet.

Tess Kennewell

Account Executive

Pro ad scheduler and softball player.

Tom Lowe

Project Executive

Our very own real-life rock-star and project manager extraordinaire.

Troy Townsend

Chief Executive Officer

Our fearless leader and closet karaoke champion.

Yulia Edirisinghe

Strategic Growth Director

Brunch-a-holic, an expert in aligning our services to help meet your needs.

Overheard at TP....

When we're not geeking out about marketing,
we're joking about it!

  • Sush Padhye

    Why don't marketer's like trampolines?

  • Lauren Keane

    A man goes to see his doctor - "Doc, I'm addicted to Twitter!"

Why don't marketer's like trampolines?

I don't know, why?

Because they don’t like high bounce rates


A man goes to see his doctor - "Doc, I'm addicted to Twitter!"


The doctor replies - "Sorry, I don't follow you..."

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