About The Pistol

We’ve been setting the industry standard for problem-solving with purpose-built tech for 10 years.

Whether you call us a data-driven media agency, tech company or another Cremorne start-up, our mission is the same: to build solutions that deliver personalisation at-scale and maximise brand salience, conversion and loyalty.

We put people at the centre of what we do.

The Pistol - It’s personal!

Tiger Pistol is now The Pistol

Tiger Pistol Australia is now The Pistol

Back in 2011, Tiger Pistol was born (named after the world’s smallest, but loudest, creature) with the goal to help the little guy find success on social media.

Soon, the world’s biggest global brands and tech giants (like Google and Facebook) saw us at the forefront of digital marketing innovation and large enterprises were adopting our bottom-up approach.

In 2019, we sold our first technology platform to Private Equity firm Next Sparc and shifted our focus beyond just social to help our next generation of clients with robust omnichannel infrastructure, bespoke platforms and strategies, all backed by big creative ideas.

After a decade of setting the industry standard, we continue to put the individual at the centre of everything we do, integrating strategy, tech and creative, to honour all we know about each person to deliver personalisation at scale.

Our People

Troy Townsend
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Serial entrepreneur and closet karaoke champion.
Jamie Nosworthy
Strategy Queen hailing from the city known to be 'colder than Mars'!
Jacqui Diamond
Strategy Director
Will try anything new at least once and always challenge a strat with new ideas.
Jules Brahe
Business Director
Driving operational efficiency on a daily - while trip planning!
Julia Lake
Strategy Director
Adoptive mother to a dog who only knows Korean and channel integration pro.
Yulia Edisinghie
Strategic Growth Directors
Find her uncovering new opportunities for clients or making Play Doh pancakes with her bub.
Missy Anderson
Commercial Director
Product obsessed quirky creature of the beach & grapes in a bottle.
Dominik Elias
Head of Marketing
Data driven marketer with an obsessive cookbook buying addiction.
Sarafraz Johl
Technical Director
Master developer and weekend badminton champion.
Rawanne Auda
Account Director
Expert retail strategist who once had breakfast with Ja Rule.
Monique Sanderson
Account Director
Master of the pun and creative ideation.
David Lee
Account Director
Data miner by day, breakdancer by night.
Alejandra Catania
Senior Project Manager
Sewing up a storm when not setting up seamless processes - loves a good pun and a tidy Asana. project.
Amy Rowe
Digital Designer
Creative human with a penchant for pop-psychology.
Aileen Fan
Account Executive
Finding ad inspo while munching on avo toast in a beautiful arvo.
Bethany Olver
Digital Campaign Specialist
Campaign creator with a love of dogs, food and plants.
Brooke McKay
Account Coordinator
Organised activities enthusiast and loves a detailed and thorough list.
Clinton Angove
Customer Success Lead
Self proclaimed comedian. Token office country bumpkin.
Conor Barkway
Senior Account Manager
Spins a mean client deck by day and the tunes after dark.
Deanna Koutsioulis
Account Executive
Creator of quality campaigns and quality cheese boards.
Dinusha Amerasinghe
Programer and a retro systems/gaming/electronics junkie.
Emma Davies
Junior Motion Designer
Cheerleader in the evening but an animation nerd 24/7.
Erfan Azyze
Account Manager
Data analysis and emoji creating expert.
Georgia Sinclair
Account Manager
Giorgio Liapakis
Technical Project Executive
Proud tennis nerd and stickler for detail.
Gunvor Eline Eng Jakobsen
Food Stylist / Videographer
Tall Scandi offering delicious leftovers to her colleagues.
Hannah Dunlop
Account Executive
Frequently found drinking tea, patting cats and scheduling ads.
Hannah Cawthray
Account Coordinator
The guru of goals and a terror at tennis.
Isabella Jordan
Account Manager
Sucker for a good process, timeline and template. Mum of a bilingual Doggo.
Ivan Galic
Senior Digital Designer
Moving heavy things and pixels since '87.
Jack Kimber
Account Executive
Kicks footballs. Schedules Campaigns. Thinks owning French Bulldogs is a personality trait.
Jack Kerr
Account Coordinator
Decent at digital marketing, paper airplane throwing not so much.
Jenna Marrone
SEO Specialist
Driving optimisation domination and kids to school since '12.
Khushboo Sharma
Technical Business Analyst
Business analyst and a gym junkie.
Lennia Pedroso
Account Executive
Instagram addict and notorious for 'gramming' all her meals when she eats out.
Madeleine Wilson
Digital Campaign Specialist
When not in an Asana on a yoga mat, excitedly ticking off tasks in an Asana project.
Matthew Abello
Junior Digital Content Producer
Designer by day, a person that sleeps by night.
Max Andrews
Enlightened pessimist and functional programming enjoyer.
Michael Mehmet
Senior Developer
Closet closet aficionado. May cause dizziness. May cause headaches.
Nick Pearson
Account Manager
Golf tragic and aspiring Google Ads expert.
Niharika Gupta
Account Executive
Changing ideas to words- one campaign at a time!
Sam Lewis Hornsby
Senior Graphic Designer
Keeper of the snacks, creator of beautiful creative.
Samantha Wong
Account Manager
Ad strategy and optimisation whiz who knows Taylor Swift's entire discography by heart.
Rishika Manoj
Digital Campaign Specialist
Engineering customer solutions & unabashed lover of all things fine - whisky, grub & architecture!
Vasken Khadar
Forex and crypto trader who loves to watch Japanese anime.
Zoe Weber
Account Coordinator
Expert ad scheduler, fitness fanatic and master of the poke bowl.
Office Dog
Filling us with joy on the daily.

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