Pivoting Quickly in Response to Panic Buying Drives Order Uplift

In early March 2020,  we saw the Australian population infamously begin clearing the shelves of toilet paper, in what would be the first wave of the country’s panic buying due to COVID-19.

Seizing the opportunity to promote a longer-term solution, Australia’s leading supplier of bathroom and plumbing products, turned to Facebook to implement a campaign promoting their range of Smart Toilets.

Through the use of the Tiger Pistol platform, ads were personalised and geo-targeted to 12 showroom locations around Australia. The goal was to drive customers into stores or to complete an online form expressing their interest.  

The campaign required simple and clear creative demonstrating the functionality of the Smart Toilet as an alternative for those who were looking for an upgrade! 

It generated curiosity and engagement and successfully drove a CPM across all locations below $3.50, with a frequency of 3 to avoid creative wear out. The campaign, which ran for a week, saw a 73% increase in enquiries for the Smart Toilet and an uplift of 43% in orders for the product.

This is another great example of how Tiger Pistol Australia can support brands in pivoting strategies to implement highly effective campaigns.