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Introducing TP.Dynamic: The key to personalised omnichannel marketing

Marketers are constantly expanding their omnichannel strategy to reach new audiences. They also know that audiences expect personalisation during every online encounter, and a businesses’ ability will directly influence a customer’s purchasing decision. In order to turn users into customers, businesses need technology that not only creates personalised experiences but delivers them automatically. TP.Dynamic is one of The Pistol’s purpose-built integrated ad-tech solutions; it takes data from multiple sources and uses it to create marketing campaigns for individual users across Facebook and Instagram. It’s helping our clients solve the problems caused by omnichannel marketing, and it’s also helping them smash their KPI’s too.

TP.Dynamic helps you keep track of customers

Data fragmentation is one of the biggest obstacles to delivering personalisation. Marketers are busy people (as you know) and spend too much time organising data from their first-party and third-party channels. Emeresay’s report on Retail Roadblocks, where over 500 retailers were interviewed, found that 91% of marketers spend their time preparing and segmenting data to understand their customers better. As businesses continue to add channels to their marketing strategy, it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to keep track of their ever-expanding audience.

Brian Manusama, Global Research Director of US-based technology research and consulting company, Gartner, explained, “Ten years ago there weren’t as many engagement channels, whereas now we have so many channels we’ve basically lost the customer. We don’t know where they are [or] how they work with us.“We need mechanics to understand….how we can help the customer best because it has become very difficult to establish how all our different points of contact are perceived.” If businesses do not know who their audiences are, they will struggle to connect with them and find it hard to create ad campaigns that speak to them.

Sorting through data and creating personalised experiences manually is time-consuming. Marketers are also time-poor and don’t always have the resources to develop hyper-personalised experiences for their customers.Businesses can connect to multiple data sources, including first-party, third-party channels, pixel data and in-store data to TP.Dynamic. From here, businesses can track users across multiple channels and develop an in-depth understanding of each individual customer.

It automates personalisation

When all the platforms in a company’s MarTech stack are integrated and working together, delivering personalisation at scale is easier than ever. TP. Dynamic pools all the information from all the channels in a businesses’omnichannel strategy, and TP. Dynamic is then able to get access to a wealth of insights. From here, TP. Dynamic’s algorithm uses these insights to create custom ad campaigns for individual users across Facebook and Instagram. This process is completely automated, which, for marketers, makes it easier than ever to enrich their customers’ experience.

To then drive conversions

Personalisation is the key to driving conversions, and every touchpoint is an opportunity to capture a potential customer. Research from Google and the Boston Consulting Group found that 65% of customers have negative experiences when they receive ads are that not relevant to them. If a user has a negative experience as a result of a non-personalised ad, businesses will struggle to capture the customer and miss out on a sales opportunity. According to Accenture, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations relevant to them. Therefore, if brands cannot deliver these experiences, their audience will go elsewhere.

Tourism New Zealand (TNZ), the organisation responsible for marketing New Zealand to the world, used TP.Dynamic to enhance its customer journey and drive conversions. TNZ knew that not every traveller wants the same experience and wanted a platform that would allow them to deliver personalised experiences to prospective travellers.

To achieve personalisation at scale, TNZ needed a technological solution to provide appropriate recommendations to users to encourage them to holiday in New Zealand.TNZ added TP.Dynamic to their marketing tool kit in 2019, and had advertisements from 74 operators. As a result of TP.Dynamic’s automation capabilities and its ability to pool data from multiple sources, TNZ reached 38.4 million users and saw a $5 million increase in revenue in six months.TNZ is just one of the many businesses that have invested in TP.Dynamic as part of their digital transformation journey. To find out more about how TP.Dynamic can transform your omnichannel marketing contact us today.

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