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How will the rise of streaming advertising impact the future of marketing?

We asked our team for their thoughts on streaming advertising, and the impact they believe it will have on the future of marketing.


Jules Brahe – Business Director

“When streaming first came in, there was much concern that audiences would be lost on free-to-air TV, making brand campaign reach more difficult to achieve.

This should bring some new audiences back into the ad market, particularly younger demographics.

There’s still some question around the accountability of attribution in streaming, but it should enable better data than free-to-air, which could lead to a significant switch in budget towards streaming”


Aldi Oosterman – Account Director

“Streaming advertising is going to come at a premium to TV ads soon — just you wait.

As soon as live sport licences are bought out by streaming services, you’ll have more targeted and personalised ad breaks — because why wouldn’t you, the data’s right there. There’s less wastage, and soon there’ll be more eyeballs.

But honestly, at the end of the day, it’s all a cycle.

It’s like when ads first showed up on the tele, or on your Facebook News Feed. People will find it annoying at first, then get used to it.

Then new media is going to crop up, without ads, and it’ll be great. Until those companies realise that they need a sustainable form of revenue and turn to advertising.

The entire population under the age of 70 has already normalised the existence of advertising. So much so, that people think that free-to-air TV or the internet is free. 

It isn’t, we’ve just grown to not care that we’re paying for media with our attention.”


Katherine Foudy – Account Executive

“I think with the shift to streaming advertising, there will be so much more space for more targeted ads across streaming platforms.

This has the potential to get far more granular with content and conserve marketing spend to target those who fall into key target audiences, thus increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

This can be across polished and influencer content, with influencer content being more easily delivered to consumers who know them best.

We also see the opportunity to create more customisable content, delivered to people watching certain content across streaming platforms.

There is also more opportunity to gather more detailed targeting from these ads, with the only caveat being if users share accounts, thus skewing the data and potentially lowering the efficiency of marketing spend.

There is also the consideration for traditional TV marketing, there is a shift from traditional to paid streaming, with consumers much less likely to happily sit through ads as they are not accustom to this. Therefore creatives must be far more engaging and potentially interactive.”


Hannah Dunlop – Account Manager

“Streaming advertising will become the new TV advertising.

As younger generations (Millennials, Gen Z, future gens) become older and increase their buying power, advertising will adjust to meet them where they are most active.

It’s already happening.

Having said that, like Radio, there will continue to be a place for traditional TV advertising, it will just depend on your audience segment and marketing strategy as to what channels you as the marketer, decide to play in.”


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