Driving Incremental Value with Collaborative Marketing

L'Oreal Case Study

Looking for new and engaging ways to provide value to their salons while also increasing the units they purchased, L’Oréal Professional turned to Tiger Pistol Australia for a solution.

As experts in personalized ads at scale, our strategy was simple, at a micro-level improve salon engagement and sentiment by giving salons the tools to drive incremental foot traffic into their salons, while at the macro level achieving L’Oréal’s internal goal of selling more units.

Having worked with thousands of small businesses via our proprietary technology, we understood Salon’s owners’ pain points.  They are responsible for all facets of their business and are short on time. While they know Social, and in particular Instagram, is a key driver in getting them bookings, they don’t have the bandwidth to innovate and certainly aren’t experts in running paid ads. 

Furthermore, speaking to over 200 salons as part of our research, Owners repeatedly wanted to see brands facilitate the growth of their business via the sale of that brand’s stocked products. Demonstrating that collaborative marketing and driving incremental value is critical for brands that rely on third-party vendors.

Using the Tiger Pistol Platform, we provided Salons with an opportunity to participate in a supplier funded social campaign, which would run from their own Facebook and Instagram business Page, when they purchased a certain level of L’Oréal’s INOA No Damage Colour product.   All a Salon had to do is connect into the platform, to have the campaign run directly from their own Page.

Leveraging brand-level learnings we created meaningful A/B creative tests to maximize budget, with our platform auto-optimizing the campaign based on the Salon’s individual performance. Using Reach as our objective, the campaigns, targeted female audience within a close radius of the store to maximize relevance. The ads all had a “Call Now” or “Book Now” call to action, ensuring the audience reached could easily book an appointment.

It was critical that L’Oréal’s Sales Team were engaged and motivated to drive this into Salons, and so our Strategy team worked closely with them to educate and empower them to have digital marketing conversations as part of their everyday sales discussions, shifting the conversation from simply product and price, to value and business growth. 

Our inhouse Solution Support team, based in Melbourne then worked with Salon’s directly to address common queries about campaigns and social strategy. From start to finish, the campaign pilot took a month and a half to execute.  That time including pitching strategy to Salons. 

On average Salon’s that participated in this campaign, saw a 22% unit growth for INOA sales YTD compared to 1% growth across salons who did not participate in the program. In addition, our A/B testing at a local level delivered 2.4X the number of impressions than like for like campaigns run nationally with the same budget.

Campaigns such as these, spotlight exactly what Tiger Pistol Australia seeks to prove to big Brands; using technology to drive personalization at scale is simple to execute and makes budgets work harder, with a clear connection to improved business outcomes.  

By going local:

  • We achieved a 49% cheaper CPM and drove 2.4X more impressions when compared to National advertising
  • Improved relationship between L’Oreal and their salon network through value creation
  • Increased sales of the INOA product



Account Director – Kate Emberley

Account Manager – Georgia Brown

Account Executives – Georgia Clarke and Giorgio Liapakis

Shared Services Director – Luci Trotter 

Shared Services Manager – Alejandra Catania

Customer Support Lead – Alana  McSwain