The Shutters Dept

Putting personalisation front-and-centre to deliver a strong digital conversation strategy.

increase in revenue YoY
growth in sign ups
growth in transactions YoY
The statistics

The Background

As far as DIY plantation shutters go, The Shutters Dept are leading the pack. They offer premium shutters to Australian buyers at affordable, accessible prices.

Operating entirely online means The Shutters Dept rely on a comprehensive digital customer services team to do what they do best.

The Pistol was originally tasked with deciding where The Shutters Dept should prioritise their media budgets moving forward. As experts in personalisation and digital transformation, our aim was to figure out what part of their marketing funnel would deliver the strongest results and boost our investment there.

The Opportunity

Before coming to The Pistol, The Shutters Dept had a really solid product and consumer experience. But without a strong digital marketing strategy, they were missing out on deeply connecting with their customers.

We dug into the data and uncovered this insight: when Facebook sign-ups increased so did the number of transactions.

So, instead of increasing media spend to secure more transactions, we knew it made more sense to focus our efforts on driving sign-ups (as 30-50% of these would go on to purchase without our help).

The Solution

We joined forces with The Shutters Dept to put personalisation at the heart of everything they do. We helped them discover the opportunities of personal digital experiences and bring this to life through their online advertising.

To date, we’ve collaborated with The Shutters Dept across their social advertising, search advertising, reporting and account management (just to name a few).

What’s made the partnership such a winner has been the collaborative, integrated way we’ve worked together as a united team.

With our guidance, we’ve tripled The Shutters Dept’s audience to generate a larger audience at the consideration and conversion stage.

The result? We are driving action from a wider pool of people using tailored creative and messaging. Now, TP has helped The Shutters Dept implement a strong conversion-based strategy that takes their consumers on a journey from awareness all the way to nurturing loyalty.

The Results

So, let’s talk numbers. After partnering with The Pistol, The Shutters Dept saw a 77% increase in revenue year on year.

The DIY Interest Audience we built for The Shutters Dept at the Facebook sign-up stage has been performing exceptionally well (generating 14.57x and 12.43x ROAS).

Since boosting media spend in July 2021, we’ve helped The Shutters Dept drive a 42.1% growth in sign-ups YoY plus a 10.4% growth in transactions YoY.

But we’re not going to take all the credit here. In fact, the secret to our success has been the open communication and transparent partnership we have with The Shutters Dept. The best results always come from teamwork and authentic collaborations.

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