Hospitality Survival Story: Driving Revenue During a Global Pandemic

How a popular Mexican restaurant chain turned on a digital LAM strategy in 24 hours during COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, a popular Mexican Restaurant chain quickly activated a digital Local Area Marketing campaign to notify customers of their new delivery options through partners (UberEATS & Deliveroo).

Our approach

Geo-Targeted ads were launched across all restaurant locations, to ensure ads were only seen by those who were eligible for the delivery service, eliminating media budget wastage.

Ads were published through each of the 169 Franchisees’ Facebook pages, with messaging being personalised to reflect each restaurant’s unique set of government-led hospitality requirements, depending on their location within Australia.

The ability to be able to publish through multiple Franchisee Pages with a single click was thanks to an existing collaborative marketing program in place between the Restaurant Group and the Franchisees and facilitated by The Pistol.

The campaign was able to go live within 24 hours of agreement, thanks to the various layers in our business that allow us to be agile and capitalise on opportunities within hours of them arising. Once a template is set up, The Pistol platform then auto-optimizes, personalises and publishes the campaign.

The campaign results

By going local, instead of publishing a single campaign nationally, CPM is at time of publishing this article, as low as $0.94 and on average $2.19, which is less than half of what the brand would expect if they had gone nationally.

Campaigns such as these, spotlight exactly how The Pistol supports brands; using technology to help pivot quickly and at scale. Making campaigns simple to execute but make budgets work harder.

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