Glanbia Performance Nutrition

Boosting brand salience and sales using owned data and purpose-built tech.

The Background

Helping people lead healthy, active lives is what Glanbia does best. As a global nutrition, fitness and wellness company, Glanbia blends the best of science and nature to craft a range of market-leading supplements.

Glanbia offers protein and fitness supplement brands: Optimum Nutrition (designed for helping their customers perform at their best in everything they do) and Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition (designed for heavy weight lifting and optimal competition performance).

The goal for Glanbia is simple: they provide the sustainable source of nutrition their customers need to get the most out of their workout, and their day.

The Problem

Prior to working with TP, Glanbia’s digital activity was focused on promotion and revenue. However, without a direct-to-consumer offering, they relied on their retail partners to share transaction data, which can at times be a challenge to obtain.

While sales were meeting growth expectations, Glanbia were reliant on retailer information to attribute the success of their marketing efforts. So, they were searching for a way to build brand salience and loyalty while also having greater control over the delivery and measurement of their digital spend. And that’s where we came in.

The Solution

We joined forces with Glanbia in late 2020 to design their strategic approach across all digital channels from the ground up. To make brand awareness a top priority, we ran a trial for their core product, Gold Standard Whey Protein, proving to their global team that we could boost revenue with a structured Always On digital approach.

Here’s how we did it. We knew there was a huge opportunity to build broader brand awareness that would boost loyalty and drive revenue through retailer purchases. So, we shifted Glanbia’s efforts towards an ‘Always On’ approach that focused on building a strong, engaged audience.

With strong brand salience, these audiences would be primed and ready to purchase and become loyal brand advocates over time, too.

We ran our first trial over three months, leveraging our own tech platform TP.Local, which included pixel integration into one of their retailers, to build awareness and ultimately impact their bottom line.

The Results

So let’s talk numbers. During our first trial alone, our strategic brand awareness approach and purpose-built tech drove 16X ROAS and attributed revenue was easily being measured with our pixel integrated retailer.

As a direct result of our ‘Always On’ strategy, Glanbia’s brand awareness lifted with a stronger retargeting pool that allowed us to drive consumers down a funnel approach.

To date, we’ve helped Glanbia to sustain a structured approach to digital marketing that continues to drive meaningful results month-on-month. We’ve helped them to streamline their processes, continue producing strategic content tailored to their brand goals and measure performance every step of the way to pivot and improve our results each month.

Now, Glanbia are able to easily attribute and track the impact of every dollar spent on digital marketing, without having to solely rely on retailer information. What’s more, they are on the path of true digital transformation. Capturing data beyond retargeting, powering personalisation and maximising relevance which will see them successfully navigate the ongoing changes in today's digital marketing landscape.

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