CRAVE Pet Food

We joined forces with CRAVE Pet Food to build a custom user interface to gather first-party data and enhance the user experience

The Background

CRAVE Pet Food, one of Mars Petcare’s up and coming brands produces high-quality, nutrient-dense pet food that is based on cats and dogs ancestry and genetic lineage. By taking time to understand the needs different breeds of cats and dogs have, pet parents can make sure their pets are receiving nutrient-dense food that their pets are instinctively drawn to. In Australia, 27% of the population owns a cat and 40% own a dog. To tap into this market, we joined forces with CRAVE to build an engaging tool to create a value exchange that offered a personalised user experience, built awareness, credibility and increase sales.

The Problem

Before teaming up with us, CRAVE were at the beginning of their first-party data journey, and were missing valuable information about their audience, their needs and behaviours. CRAVE’s limited access to first-party data meant there was potential to create a custom tool with multiple touchpoints that were tailored specifically to the business goals whilst simultaneously meeting the customer's needs.

The Solution

The Pistol and CRAVE worked collaboratively together to create CRAVE Ancestry, a custom interface where users input data about their pet at multiple touchpoints. Our creative and development teams designed bespoke motion graphics, video content and built the first-part data acquisition strategy whilst consulting with CRAVE every step of the way.

Once the user has clicked through the touchpoints, a personalised report is then generated with the users' pets ancestry, as well as product suggestions based on their pets nutritional needs.

Photo Caption: Customer user Interfaces like CRAVE Ancestry create a value exchange. Users input information about their pets and in return they get personalised recommendations about their pets. In exchange CRAVE to get access to first-party data and an indepth audience of who their customers are.

The Outcome

CRAVE Ancestry set CRAVE apart from its competitors and provided useful value exchange for the company as well as its target customers. Since then the brand has continued to grow and now has wider access to first-party data than it did previously

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