Burbank Homes

Fast tracking virtual open homes to sell houses in a time of crisis

The Background

When it comes to building the great Australian dream, Burbank is a trusted household name. In fact, they’ve been building homes since 1983.

Over the years, Burbank Homes has grown from a small house building company in Melbourne’s west to a national team (operating in five states) with over 100 display homes across the country.

Burbank Homes partnered with The Pistol six years ago. We’ve supported their team with full-service media buying and creative (that’s everything from search to social and even performance SEO). And in 2020, our relationship became even more valuable to Burbank Homes.

The Problem

In March 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia and the demand for new homes took a dive along with it. With challenging targets to hit, TP knew we needed a solid, future-focused strategy to adapt to the uncertain conditions of an economic recession.

We moved fast and brainstormed new ways to continue driving growth in high-quality home building leads.

Amidst lockdowns and stay at home orders, we knew the shift to online would radically overhaul the home building process. And, most importantly, it was going to redefine our focus and priorities to meet changing consumer habits.

The Solution

Our COVID-19 pivot began with fast tracking the go-to-market strategy for Burbank’s MyPlace 3D product. This interactive tool allows buyers to virtually experience Burbank’s home designs, with over 800,000 home combinations to explore from the comfort of their couch.

With in-person inspections cancelled and display homes closed, this tool helped customers to continue their home building journey while driving new high-quality leads for Burbank.

Alongside this purpose-built tech, we ran omnichannel ads (across display and YouTube) to drive potential buyers into our funnel. We added negative placements (such as COVID-19 keywords) across SEM campaigns to tap into user’s new search behaviour.

We then optimised our SEM campaigns’ bidding strategies to focus solely on conversions from a fixed budget and paused any generic keywords and demographics that weren’t converting.

Plus, we captured brand traffic through paid search by maximising our impression share through strategic budget and ad optimisation.

The Results

From March to June 2020, TP’s full-service media buying efforts saw brand searches for Burbank nearly tripled (increasing from 3,600 per month to an all-time record of 9,900 per month).

Quarter on quarter, TP drove a 366% increase in conversions, while only increasing spend by 20%. During such a turbulent time for the real estate industry, this result is a testament to our ability to pivot successfully at speed.

We achieved over double our expected target at less cost than anticipated, with the launch of the Federal Government’s Homebuilder Grant helping to boost results at the tail end of our campaign.

Most importantly, the deposits from the leads generated helped Burbank boost profitability across their business. Plus, fast tracking the launch of these tech tools means Burbank is now operating as a tech-savvy leader in the real estate space.

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