Reflections From Our First Week Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major industry shifts in the digital marketing space. We sit down with our team to reflect on how brands are adapting to these changing circumstances.

We’re only a few days into self-isolation, and like a lot of people at this troubled time, we’re finding ourselves with a lot more time to reflect on what’s happening around us.

How the industry has shifted

There are a lot of unknowns in our industry. Our peers in the out-of-Home world are facing temporary business closures and the millions of dollars already invested in campaigns by brands across Australia look to be lost.

However, it’s not all as doom-and-gloom as we as marketers could very easily let ourselves feel.

As Nielsen recently reported, COVID-19 is proving to be the unexpected catalyst we needed to see for tech and digital adoption. Users have greater motivation and fewer perceived barriers to actively seek new solutions for the first time, just think of your friend who’s never bought groceries online.

We’re seeing brands understand this shift and use this time to change priorities and better serve their customers via digital platforms.

Reflections from our team

Having spoken to all our clients over the past week about how they’d like to navigate current events, here are just some of what our business leaders are seeing:

“We’re seeing this as an opportunity for marketers to be creative and do more with less. Consumers are looking for connection more than ever, and the agile brands are starting 1:1 conversations through digital platforms that will cement brand loyalty for years to come.” – Jaime Nosworthy, CCO

“We’re seeing a shift from traditional channels into digital channels, which is essentially pushing brands to digitise their business’ now if they haven’t already. Those ahead of the curve who have e-comm opportunities in play are now looking for ways to drive further customer connection and reassurance. “– Ash McIntosh, Account Director

“For our infrastructure projects, I’m seeing increased urgency and focus from clients regarding getting best practice infrastructure in place for businesses to maximise their online presence. For example, ensuring purchase pixels are measuring the value and volume online transactions 100% correctly, while also allowing for best-practice campaign optimisation.” – Luci Trotter, Shared Services Director

“The game has changed. More people are online and engaging than ever before and purchase behaviour has significantly changed. Audiences are critically aware of how brands are communicating at this time, and how relevant their content is to them. Brands need to adapt and evolve quickly to address these changes and build deeper relationships with customers to ensure long term brand growth.” Jacqui Diamond, Strategy Director

“On the new business side, it seems that most businesses are taking this momentary lull as an opportunity to take stock of where they are and proactively plan for the new normal that awaits us all after the COVID-19 crisis subsides. At the same time, we have had an increase in immediate inquiries as the market recognises the value of digital channels in their ability to enter the home where users are isolating themselves, and are keen to beat their competitors to owning these channels, while audience attention is more available.” – Yulia Edirisinghe, Strategic Growth Director

With this global health crisis evolving day by day, only time will tell its full effect and how we as marketers need to adapt.

If you are finding yourself during this time stuck without the tools or strategies to help you shift swiftly to the changes – get in touch! In the meantime, we’ll continue to provide you with ongoing updates from on the ground, sharing insights and case studies to keep you connected.

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