How to Keep Your Company Culture Alive While Working from Home

Without the physical and social element of in-office culture, the pandemic has posed a huge threat to organisations. So...we’ve provided you with some tips to keep morale high and keep your culture alive!

The team at The Pistol pride themselves on bringing clients ideas that solve important challenges. A key ingredient to our success?

Keeping. It. Vibey.

In the TP office, good tunes, lots of snacks, an adorable office dog and an open attitude combine to create a super fun atmosphere, making TP an incredible place to work. On top of keeping it Vibey, our team is united, passionate, savvy and brave, reflecting our company values and running like a well-oiled machine. Now, with much of the world in lockdown and social distancing restrictions separating us physically, keeping everyone connected has never been more important.

How to keep the culture alive virtually

But how do we create an atmosphere when we can’t be together in person?

Enter the TP Angel.

For the past several weeks, personalised and encouraging handwritten letters have been finding their way into the mailboxes of the TP team, courtesy of the TP Angel (or Angels). Shining some positive light in our community, these letters have kept us feeling connected, with this new WFH setup providing a stark contrast to our often buzzing, loud and open office space. The letters have also invited some diligent detective work; members of the team have been keeping their eyes peeled for clues as to who the TP Angel could be, whilst they wait for them to don their halo and reveal themselves.

MJ, an Account Executive in the team, (insert internal bio link/popup) said the following of the letter she received:

“Honestly I was so shocked by such a lovely note in my mail, it actually made my heart very happy! Thank you to whoever, itwas personal and I appreciated it more than you know.”

Mirroring MJ’s thoughts, Loz, Head of Operations at TP, (insert internal bio link/popup) said:

“TP Angel you are the BEST! Getting a handwritten letter was seriously beautiful! And the timing couldn’t have been better. Wish I could give you a big hug.”

Meanwhile, daily meetings keep the team connected, whilst contactless visits from the Easter Bunny left everyone feeling warm & fuzzy (and full of chocolate). Weekly fitness challenges are balanced out by live-baking sessions, and last week’s trivia celebrations for Business Director JB’s 50th birthday went off with a bang. Even CEO Troy Townsend’s obsession with the office’s step count has elicited good-natured competition, with key competitors anxious to have the highest step count by the 5pm Wrap up call.

Our Shared Services Team surprised a colleague with a trip around Europe over Zoom after his Contiki trip got cancelled due to COVID-19.

Whilst we’re doing our best to stay positive, I know we’re all looking forward to hearing Ivan’s thunderous laughter, Erf’s witty commentary and Ash’s hilarious anecdotes in person again soon. Until we can all be safely together again, sharing snacks and keeping Coe & Coe afloat with our coffee addiction, we take comfort in our place within such a talented and caring team. In this weird new world of days filled with Zoom meetings and virtual coffees, the team at The Pistol are keeping the vibes up and are set to get through this crazy time, together.

Check out our About Us page to see more of the amazing people who keep our culture alive - even from home!

Our resident baker, Alana works within the Shared Services team as a Customer Support Lead; with a passion for creative writing and social issues she may or may not have been one of our TP Angels.
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