iOS 14 is here: What we know so far

The OS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency update has now been rolled out. Here is what we know.

Where were you when digital marketing as we know it ended? Can’t remember. Neither can we.

The dreaded iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency update has now been rolled out. But so far, we haven’t witnessed our client’s ad performance drop off a cliff (as many had prophesied).

But here’s what we do know: the update’s rollout has been patchy and skewed geographically. For example, we’ve seen our US-based clients' results impacted far more than our Australian counterparts.

The latest data shows that early opt-in rates are averaging just 10%, much lower than anticipated. And businesses are still waiting to see what unfolds once rollout is complete (particularly for businesses without a strong first-party data acquisition strategy in place).

That’s not to say we’ve seen the worst of what’s to come (and we’re monitoring ad performance daily and even hourly to pivot if needed).

So, let’s look at the key takeaways from the first few weeks of iOS 14’s introduction:

  • Global opt-in rates since Apple’s iOS 14.5 rollout have continued to drop, now down to 11% globally and just 4% in the US.

  • Some marketers are reporting significant challenges and seeing the vast majority of tracking permissions disappear for Apple users.

  • It’s predicted that up to $3.6 billion of annual ad spend could be affected if these low opt-in rates continue.

Here at The Pistol, we’re yet to see any meaningful change in the performance of our campaigns since the launch of iOS 14. Our ROAS remain consistent, and we believe that Android and ‘Other’ audience base combined with those Apple users that did opt-in (as well as the amount we’re spending on campaigns) means there is little change in the reach of most of our activity.

Plus, we’ve built all our efforts on first-party data to safeguard the performance of our campaigns now and in the updates to come.

Looking for practical strategies to combat the impacts of iOS 14? We reveal the key steps marketers need to take to overcome these roadblocks in our latest blog:

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