Digital Advertising in the Age of Social Distancing: Considerations & Opportunities

Time for some tips and tricks to help optimise your company during COVID-19. We chat about all things: digital personalization, changes in product supply and foot traffic.

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to necessary regulations and precautions that are affecting all aspects of our day-to-day lives. Most notably the advice from Governments to socially distance ourselves from each other in order to reduce the spread, protect the most vulnerable and to ease the load on our medical systems.

Businesses of all types and sizes are entering unprecedented times, with no clear end date in sight. While scary, and uncertain, particularly for local and small businesses, there are still plenty of opportunities to drive business through the channels where society will be increasingly living on – digital.

In times like this, it may seem like a waste of time or even opportunistic, but studies show that those brands that continue to invest in advertising remain top of mind and recover faster from troubled economic times.

Below are just some of the strategies we are implementing for our clients over this time:

Digital personalization

If you don’t already have one, now is the time to implement a local, personalized strategy. In the current climate, users are demanding relevance more than ever, as they want to stay in the know of what is and isn’t available in their local communities – particularly while laying low.

Also keep in mind, as more brands flock to digital advertising platforms during this time, personalization may be the most effective way of cutting through. Nothing is more important than serving up well-targeted and relevant content.

If you need the tools to help this get off the ground quickly and at scale – get in touch.

Adapt to changes in product supply

Seems like a given, but amongst the chaos, it’s easy to let slip. Make sure that you are revisiting all existing strategies and ads currently in the market. Prioritize and reflect any changes in potential product or service availability.

Pro-tip: Segment your Product Feeds to optimize for what’s currently in stock or available for online purchase to maximize relevance and media efficacy. Not sure how? We can help.

Respond to a decline in foot traffic

For businesses fortunate to have an e-commerce presence, it makes sense and it would be easy to shift all focus to your online store. Consider digital catalogues and change media objectives to drive solely to web traffic and conversions. Also, consider your older and non-digital native buyer, this current climate will bring new online buyers to the fold, and therefore new opportunities.

However, businesses with a local presence or franchisees should and need to deploy different strategies, as these businesses rely on driving footfall for them to succeed. It is important that while complete lockdowns haven’t been put in place (at the time of publishing, in Australia), that businesses continue to advertise and add value to their local stores and assets and not shift solely to e-com. Be relevant, acknowledge what is happening in the community, show how your business is taking measures to do their part but also incentivize visits and offer new ways to transact.

How we can support

We’re experts in simplifying mass-personalized advertising, taking your current ad strategies or helping you put together new ones, to ensure your ads scale and result in return.

Now is the time to revisit your infrastructure and approach to digital, we can support you on anything from setting up your product feeds properly on Facebook (so that adapting to product supply doesn’t have to be a task!) to advising you on how to support your franchisees via innovative campaigns.

It’s business as usual

At The Pistol, we put the wellbeing of our community of clients, partners, and employees at the forefront of everything we do and therefore as of Wednesday, 18th of March, we will be doing our bit by encouraging our team to work from home and practice self-isolation. Fortunately, we already have a comprehensive ‘Working Remotely Policy’ that enables our business to adapt quickly to the changing landscape and minimize impact to our community. As our business operates exclusively in a cloud-based capacity and therefore does not require a physical presence to deliver our services.

Clients can be assured that there will be no disruption to the services we provide, including deliverables and communications. And if you aren’t yet a The Pistol client but keen to find out how we can help your brand, particularly over this period, we’d love to meet you for a coffee over video conference. Get in touch with us, give us a call on 0415 094 794.

From everyone here at The Pistol, keep safe, wash your hands, and don’t forget to spread some kindness. We are all in this together.

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