Consumer trends that are here to stay - Reflections from our chat with Google

We spoke with the market lead in Omnichannel Retail at Google for market insights on the now and what’s next...

On Wednesday, Bec Watts, Market Lead, Omnichannel Retail at Google joined our morning Zoom round table meeting and these are some insights on the now and the what’s next…

Current trends

This is us NOW: as consumers, we’re finally giving that Skip account a break and starting to brew our own cups at home, or at least that’s what recent Google Trends can confirm: we’ve stopped searching for terms like “Coffee Shop Near Me” on mobile and started to type “Buy Espresso Machine” on our work laptops.

Google Trends also shows that we can’t have your morning coffee without toast: believe it or not, searches for “bread maker” have increased over 300% since COVID-19 made us hibernate. Other categories that have notably increased are games and toys, home workout equipment and of course, loungewear.

Recent search behaviour shows that now more than ever customers are expecting brands to offer free services and need their help to adapt to this unpredictable (and unparalleled) reality. “Free Delivery” or “AfterPay” are not just desirable – these are “musts” for businesses to continue to subsist. We could only expect that some of these 2020 must-haves will remain a dealbreaker for many, once the crisis passes.

How to utilize these trends

When reflecting on which consumer behaviours will stick, it’s certainly not a bad idea to start planning for what digital strategies could look like on the other side. From digital catalogues to brand-owned apps, planning your investment on digital infrastructure now will only set brands up for success when COVID ceases.

Even though that new at-home workout equipment will just collect dust when gyms reopen, and those recently acquired bread making skills may not last, the new (ab)normal consumer behaviours are here to stay.

Almost part of The Pistol furniture, Ale works within the Shared Services team as Senior Shared Services Manager; with a passion for efficiency and Keanu Reeves, this is her first (and hopefully not last) appearance in TP’s Blog.

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