2022 Digital Marketing Survival Guide from TP's Strategy Director

Our tips to get you through 2022 with your sanity intact and your KPIs smashed!

If, like me, you’ve been inundated with content predicting the “must-know Digital Marketing Trends for 2022”, you’d definitely be forgiven for feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed.

From pandemic-induced panic to changing government legislation; from iOS14’s impact to the increased push for personalisation… there isn’t much we haven’t had thrown at us recently. For hundreds of businesses across Australia and New Zealand, anticipating the next “digital curveball” has become an exhausting experience. And when this happens, it’s easy to pop in the too-hard basket. But ignore them at your peril, as you run the risk of being left far behind your competitors!

So here are a few tips to get you through 2022 with your sanity intact and your KPIs smashed!

First up, remember you can’t do everything (and that’s okay!)

If you’ve been hit with questions around the metaverse or “What’s this Roblox thing?”, you’re not alone. There are so many new innovations in the space, it can be hard to know what’s most important and what’s going to drive the biggest impact. My tip? Focus on things that will really help you future proof your revenue engine into 2022 and beyond. Such as…

Ditch outdated targeting habits and prepare for a post-cookie world.

While the dreaded death of cookies on Chrome is still two years away, it has already happened for nearly 40% of the market (including Firefox, Safari, and iOS14+ users).

Over the last six months, we’ve already seen the resulting drop in signal quality impact attributed conversions and costs for our clients, and have been working hard with them to reverse this trend through smart technology.

To reduce your dependence on Cookie-based signals, ensure you:

  • Set up Facebook Conversions API* alongside your standard Pixel tracking, as well as similar browser independant tracking for all other ad platforms;

  • Shift your Google Tag Manager deployment to an owned environment with Server-Side Google Tag Manager (SSGTM); and

  • Set up goal tracking through Google Analytics 4 to ensure your reporting aligns to non-Cookie-based Measurement.

  • Maximise the impact of your First Party Data Strategy (more on this in a second).

*We’ve recently teamed up with Facebook to launch new innovations that make Conversions API far more seamless and affordable to implement than it has been in the past. Hit us up for more info!

Maximise the impact of your First Party Data Strategy.

As third-party targeting options shrink, consumers become more privacy-aware, and government legislation tightens, access to first party data (1PD) is critical for honouring users’ privacy perferences, personalising customer experiences, and maximising the impact of your marketing.

According to Google and Boston Consulting Group, “brands who use first-party data in their digital advertising saw up to a 2.9x revenue uplift and 1.5x increase in cost savings”. We love those multipliers, and are already starting to see similar results with our own clients. Those we’ve worked with to build a strong database of 1PD that is deduplicated, easy to segment, and integrated with their digital media strategy far outperform their closest competitors. We use The Pistol’s three-pillared approach (Capture, Unify, Activate) to ensure that our clients’ 1PD strategy is best-in-class.

Great results aside, putting consented first-party data at the centre of your digital strategy is a transformation that can take months or even years. So, if you haven’t yet begun that journey, make 2022 your Year of 1PD.

The other, other benefit of 1PD? Powering seamless personalisation!

In 2022, customers expect personalisation to be at the core of every encounter they have with your brand, and will actively choose a brand that personalizes their experience over one that does not. Unfortunately, according to KPMG, only 6% of Australian brands actively leverage their 1PD to drive personalisation.

Personalisation is more than targeted advertising, it involves taking the user on a journey that provides them with personalised recommendations from the very first touchpoint, increasing in relevance as your understanding of them grows. And to truly scale this capability requires some smart technology.

For example, our TP.Local technology enables personalisation at scale by tailoring large-scale Social Media campaigns to a users’ location. Meanwhile, TP.Dynamic enhances the native capabilities of Dynamic Product Ads across Meta, Pinterest or TikTok to deliver an ad that is truly tailored to the user. Finally, our dynamic video tool, TP.Remix enables us to personalise any video template at scale!

It may sound like a lot, but with the right strategic support, our clients are able to tap into the right combination of personalisation tech integrated with their 1PD to maximise the impact on their ROI.

One other benefit of 1PD? Monetisation!

Alongside the aforementioned benefits of having a robust First Party Database, we’ve seen many of our Retail clients take its value further by developing a high-value Retail Media offering to the brands who sell through them and other partners. In fact, our proprietary technology, TP.Collab is designed to automate this process end-to-end to help maximise the impact of Retailer-Owned Assets for the retailer, their suppliers, and their customers as well. Win-win-win!

Lean on your digital agency partners or seek external consulting.

While you’re busy doing a hundred other things that are as or more important for the functioning of your business, there are people who spend most of their days focused on helping businesses prepare for and make the most of these digital changes. (Surprise, surprise, I am one of these people!)

Lean on your partners in the space to help you understand the impacts to your business and industry, to proactively prepare for any impending changes, and actually capitalise on them to drive competitive advantage!

At The Pistol, we work with the world’s leading brands to set up their strategy, first-party data acquisition program and technical infrastructure so they can thrive in today’s privacy-conscious world. We have taken over 36 clients on digital transformation journeys. Make 2022 the year to start yours and contact us today.


About the author

Yulia Edirisinghe is The Pistol’s Strategic Growth Director, which means she spends her days helping organisations make the most of their media and technology investments, shape digital experiences that delight their customers, and future proof their revenue drivers for what’s next. When not at work, she’s either smashing her way through the latest true-crime podcast or making sandcastles at the beach with her two-year old!

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