2020 Hype Session Recap

by Christine Pietersz 

While some might say January 2020 was a trial month, the team at Tiger Pistol Australia was super busy planning for what we see as one of the biggest shifts the company has experienced in its nine-year history.

Friday 7th of February marked our 2020 Hype Session, where we heard from our leadership and specialists teams on our goals for the year ahead. Off the back of the session, our teams are even more excited to aim high. 

The end of 2019 saw structural shifts within the business, team changes as well as new faces, all with the outlook of continuing to ensure Tiger Pistol Australia are technological innovators who solve some of the biggest challenges for clients.  

On the day, the team cozied up in our office, snacks a-plenty, armed with questions and ready to hear what we’d all be working towards and contributing to this year and beyond. We heard from the members of our team including;

  • Head Honcho Troy Townsend 
  • Client Queen Jaime Nosworthy 
  • Strategy Extraordinaires Jacqui Diamond, Julia Lake & Yulia Edirisinghe
  • Operations & Marketing duo Lauren Keane & Dominik Elias
  • Creative Captain Raphael Elisha 
  • Product Experts Sarafraz Johl & Jennifer Robertson 
  • Biz Director & Culture Forerunner Jules Brahe & Grace Lum 

Hot topics included the shift in how we develop client strategies, a revamp of our creative offerings and new products that are in the pipeline for us to deliver the best work possible. For the team, we’re most excited about watching everyone progress in their new streams and roles, the outlook for what we can achieve and moving forward with a solution-focused vision. 

Having been in the business for almost two years now, I’m super excited about positive change. We have the right people in the right positions to really showcase their skills and challenge the status quo.

Big things are coming and disrupting the industry is just one of them; watch this space. 


Christine more commonly known around the office as Chris, is an Account Manager, working across a suite of clients in Auto, FMCG, Retail, Beauty and Property. She’s thrilled to be back into writing, even more so for our blog. This is her debut.